Matt Huggins

Web & Mobile Developer


9 yrs
4 yrs
18 yrs
18 yrs
Ruby / Rails
10 yrs
10 yrs
5 yrs
4 yrs
4 yrs 2 mos
Kirkland, WA
Staff Engineer
Apr 2022 - Present   (1 yr 6 mos)
  • Building cohesive first time user experiences with TypeScript and React.
  • Automating common user workflows.
Principal Engineer
Jan 2021 - Apr 2022   (1 yr 4 mos)
  • Architected reusable front-end experiences for security management, enterprise risk, & software management applications with TypeScript and React.
  • Coordinated with leadership and engineering to define project scope, team structure, and beneficial process changes.
Senior Software Engineer
Aug 2019 - Jan 2021   (1 yr 6 mos)
  • Led a team of 8 to coordinate the implementation of consistent React-based user experiences across 17 products.
  • Created endpoint security management & software management applications with React.
4 yrs 6 mos
Boulder, CO
Tech Lead
Mar 2018 - Aug 2019   (1 yr 6 mos)
  • Enabled team success through architectural decisions, scope definition, pair programming, code reviews, and general leadership and guidance.
  • Architected scalable internal cross-application services using Ruby on Rails.
  • Built consumer-grade application front-ends with React, Redux, and WebPack.
Senior Developer
Mar 2015 - Mar 2018   (3 yrs 1 mo)
  • Authored the open-source "circuitry" rubygem for reliable cross-application fanout messaging atop Amazon SNS & SQS.
Senior Developer (Consultant)
Quick Left
Jun 2013 - Mar 2015   (1 yr 10 mos)
Boulder, CO
  • Built MVP mobile app for outdoor social network using Cordova, React, & Ampersand.js.
  • Outlined and resolved technical problems preventing a financial startup's growth by migrating from MongoDB to PostgreSQL, fixing inherent data structure flaws, and replacing custom encryption with an accepted standard.
Senior Developer
Bloomberg Law
Jan 2012 - May 2013   (1 yr 5 mos)
New York, NY
  • Acted as team's Ruby on Rails subject matter expert for the Bloomberg Law product.
  • Replaced unreliable client architecture with a robust extensible gem solution for use with propriety API services.
  • Introduced unit and functional test suites for existing code, and presenting an ongoing testing strategy.
Food on the Table
Feb 2010 - Jan 2012   (2 yrs)
Austin, TX
  • Utilized lean startup methodology to implement MVP solutions based upon multivariate testing results and user feedback.
  • Integrated with Facebook Connect to coordinate viral acquisition efforts.
  • Concurrently iterated iPhone & Android mobile apps using data-driven development.
Challenge Online Games, Inc.
Oct 2008 - Aug 2009   (11 mos)
Austin, TX
  • Led company-wide integration of Facebook Platform into all games, resulting in Zynga acquisition.
  • Designed and developed reusable cross-game components within the CakePHP MVC framework.
  • Coordinated the delivery of resources from designers, artists, and programming team members for the duration of an experimental Facebook gaming project.
Applications Developer
QVC, Inc.
Jun 2004 - Aug 2006   (2 yrs 3 mos)
West Chester, PA
  • Built Java web services utilizing the Spring Framework for back-end processing.
  • Designed and developed enterprise solutions within ASP.NET.
  • Enhanced public websites and internal applications using Java, C#, C++, Perl and ASP languages.
  • Resolved production issues for,, and via on-call support.
  • Produced technical documentation formalizing functionality and semantics of enterprise system application processes.
  • Developed enterprise applications utilizing Java-based web services, formatting XML data with XSL style sheets via ASP to present dynamic XHTML to Customer Service representatives.
  • Maintained existing applications using ASP and VBScript for presentation and VB COM+ components for data source interaction.
Lead Developer
Apr 2018 - Mar 2019   (1 yr)
  • Implemented secure API layer for safely interacting with distributed blockchain applications on behalf of cryptocurrency addresses.
  • Built custom protocol for accessing apps built for and registered on a blockchain in a familiar browser interface.
Black Book Singles
Jul 2008 - Dec 2013   (5 yrs 6 mos)
Austin, TX
  • Individually coordinated the design and development of a free online dating service.
  • Developed and released Android mobile application.
  • Acquired all users through search engine optimization techniques.
Masters Program, Business
University of Delaware · 2004 - 2006
Bachelors, Computer & Information Sciences
University of Delaware · 2000 - 2004